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March 1, 2017

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Rubix solving  World Records of the Cube

The first Rubik’s cube world championships was held in Hungary in 1982.
At this time the world’s top speed cubers solved the Rubik’s cube by using the long layer method. At the competition you can see the competitors solving the cube by hand turns.

By moves with the hand and using the method of 120 quarter turns to solve the cube it is not surprising that the world record was a lot slower in 1982 than today.

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The world record was broken at this championship by Minn Thai is the time of 22 seconds. He also later went on to win the championships. In those days the winner was decided by the best of 3 solves.
After this competition the next championships was held in 2003.

You can see the Rubik’s cube seemed to lose a lot of its popularity between 1982 and 2003.

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By the 2003 Rubik’s cube world championships world record was now a lot faster. The cube was now solved in an average of 65 moves using the Fridrich Method. The moves were also carried out a lot faster by the use of finger pushes.
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In 2003 the Rubik’s cube world record stood at 16.53 seconds. Worldwide today there are millions more people who can solve the Rubik’s cube. This has led to a lot more countries being involved in the Rubik’s cube world championships compared to 1982.

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The first European Championships of the Rubik’s Cube was held in the year 2004.

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Rubik’s Cube solving in the eightees

I learnt to solve the Rubik’s cube in 1981. Within 3 months of learning the cube I managed to reach an average solving time of 27 seconds. In those days the method and style of solving the cube was a lot slower than today.

There were a lot less people and countries involved in speed cubing in 1981 than there are today. I wasn’t aware of any competitions involving the cube at the time of 1981 and 1982. There were only 19 different countries.

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The cubes are mixed up by a computer and brought out in a closed suitcase. The cube was then placed on a small pad with a photo sensitive diode at the bottom. Before you were timed solving the cube each contestant was allowed to view the cube for 15 seconds before returning it to the pad.

If the cube dissembled during a solve the competitor was given another chance. If the cube broke up again, then the competitor was disqualified.

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The winner was determined as the fastest of three solves. The result was as follows: 1. Minn Thai, USA – 22.95 2. Razoux Shultz, Netherlands – 24.32 3. Zolton Labas, Hungary – 24.49 This competition wasn’t fair because the cube’s color arrangement was’nt the way all the competitors were used too.

The Rubik’s cubes weren’t as flexible as they ought to have been. It would have been netter if the leaders had allowed the competitors to use their own Rubik’s cubes.

Although Minn Thai won this Rubik’s cube championship, there were about 10 speed cubists worldwide who could solve the cube in an average faster time.
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Online Rubik’s Cube competitions

This site is speed .Anyone is free to join this site. Once a member you are entitled to fully take part in discussions and access other features.

This community has over 30,000 members. Once a member you are also able to post topics and to communicate privately with other members.
You will also have the privilege of uploading content.

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Registration is very quick and easy.
This is online cubing competition which involves speed cubing puzzles that aren’t usually speed cubed in competitions. There will be 10 events every 2 months.
There will be prizes for the top speed cubers in each event. The site will advise you on the instructions on how to enter.

There’s 6 competitions of different events every year.
Speed is also an interesting site that creates competitions Worldwide. Certain features of this site include the registration of competitions and communicating with members through a forum.

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Features of

You must register to become a board member. Once a member of this board ,you will have the privilege of of uploading any content that you’re permitted to upload.

You may decide that you want to start a discussion with other members about a particular topic of interest to you. You are able to take advantage of this and then post your particular topic. At this site you’re able to view W C A Updates.

Here you can see a list of competition results along with any upcoming competitions. This board has a Speed solving Puzzles Community. This section includes a huge amount of Rubik’s cube related information.

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There is an announcement section of this community. From here admin posts the forum announcements. Another section of this Puzzles Community is Resources. This section assists either to gain knowledge or get puzzles.

The Cubing Help and Beginner area is also part of this community. This place is designed to help people that need assistance regarding Rubik’s cube related matters.

This site often deals with questions that can be answered in one short post.
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General Discussions
This area encourages the community to take part in all rubik’s cube related discussions.
You can see the best 10 top times of today which are all below 5 seconds.

This can be viewed in my section titled World Cube Association records.
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In every Rubik’s Cube World championships, you will see some record being beaten. There are at least ten different events in each competition with an ever increasing amount of World class competitors. So it isn’t surprising that some World record will be beaten in some event.