April 4, 2018

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Online competitions.

These sites cover a vast range of topics related to the Rubik’s Cube. There are a variety of sites that are associated with Rubik’s Cube activities. Most of the visited websites are personal websites. Non personal sites include sites such as speed and Rubik’s Cube Forums.

Each one of these websites has its main purposes. A lot of the personal websites allow a visitor to contact the owner about any issues.

The sites visitor will find the owners contact details on the contact page. Some websites allow their visitors to upload content to their site.

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Rubik’s Cube sites

I visited a Rubik’s Cube website that allowed someone to upload their Rubik’s Cube tutorial video there. I have never uploaded any video to someone else’s website. Neither have I allowed anyone to upload any kind of content to my website.

Some website owners also allow their users to leave comments on their sites. I’ve seen some comments that have been left in some Rubik’s Cube websites.

These comments were mainly of their experiences of that website. Such comments can be beneficial to the site owner because he can see what improvements need to be made if any. I would estimate that there are about 1,000 Rubik’s Cube personal websites today in the English language.

This is very low competition for a website topic. Most other topic websites have a huge amount more competition than the Rubik’s Cube one. Ten years ago there were about 100 of these sites at the most. I estimate that in ten year’s   you’ll have about 20,000 of these kind of websites.

This will make the competition a lot harder.


Rubik’s Cube activities

Rubik’s Cube activity has only properly emerged in abundance in the last decade which is why there is so little competition in this topic right now.

Since the invention of the Rubik’s Cube, many people have bought a Cube. Peoples desire to solve the Cube has led to the emergence of numerous online tutorials. Most of these tutorials are on You Tube videos.

Other well known video surfing sites such as Dailymotion and Vimeo also have video tutorials. Many personal websites that teach people to solve the Cube have arisen., especially over the last seven years.

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Rubik’s Cube Forums
Many Rubik’s Cube Forums have emerged, where individuals can ask questions and get the answers. They can also answer questions from other members.
This site was set up for the convenience of very fast Cube solvers. These are known as speed cubers. This site manages competition registrations. It has a list of all the previous and upcoming W C A competitions.

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World Cube Association

The World Cube Association is responsible for organizing competitions. Its responsible for all the rules and regulations of all issues of competitions and conduct. It is made up of many Boards and is responsible for all the rules and regulations of its Boards and the conduct of its members.

Rubik’s Cube related activities is also found in many Social Networks.In some of these Social Networks is a community group for the Rubik’s Cube. You are able to join these groups and take part in their activities.These Social Networks also often give you the privilege of uploading a video of yours.

Cubers Island

Rubik’s Cube related websites have given lovers of the Cube a lot of insights into this activity. These sites cover all the essential information to fulfill the Cube lovers needs.

Learning the Rubik’s Cube at Cubers

Social networks
Here are some links to some other Great Rubik’s Cube sites

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