The Virtual World of the Cube
April 6, 2017

Virtual reality of Rubiks Cube –

Technology has now advanced so much that today an app on Oculus VR share that gives the Rubik’s Cube a new lease of virtual life.

Virtual reality

Rubik V R includes a timer and music player.

No one is aware of how the app was made.
Virtual cubes can be reset, undone, redone or scrambled.


Rubik’s Cube Virtual Reality videos

Vive Rubik’s Cube Solve is a Virtual Reality video of the Rubik’s Cube.
Rubik V R was made at the Virtual Reality for Multimedia degree.Augmented Reality is a new invented method of solving a cube.

It is self guiding. It solves by affecting the permutation of the cube.Faces of the cube are revealed in an arbitrary order. It corrects your mistakes. It is able to solve the cube in 20 moves or less. It shows the next correct turn right away.

Virtual reality

Vive Rubik’s cube solve is a video that shows a Rubik’s cube being solved in virtual reality. To begin with you see a solved cube and then it is scrambled.

In this video the rubik’s cube is solved in about 55 seconds. This video was uploaded about a year ago.

Virtual reality

Natural virtual hand interaction with puzzle cube in vr is a video that starts off showing three solved Rubik’s cubes on a table. It then shows a pair of virtual hands scramble one of the cubes and then place it on a device and then places a solved cube on an identical device.


The Virtual Reality rotating cubes

Both the cubes begin rotating on their devices. The scrambled cube is solved very fast whilst rotating on its device, and when a yellow button on the bottom of the device is pressed the cube is quickly messed up.

The other device with the solved cube has that cube removed from it and the scrambled cube on the other device is now placed on this device. It is rotating on this device. The green button on this device is pressed and the cube is quickly solved.

Another solved Rubik’s cube is then placed on the other device and rotates.

The solved cube on the device where the green button was pressed is removed from that device and placed on the table. The device is then placed on top of that Rubik’s cube. A solved Rubik’s cube on the table is then placed on top of that device and rotates.

The other device is then removed from beneath the solved Rubik’s cube and the Rubik’s cube on top of the device is then placed on the table. This cube is then instantly picked up and then scrambled with the virtual hands. It is then placed on top of the device that’s on top of a solved Rubik’s cube.

The cube then rotates. The other device is then picked up and then quickly placed on the table near to the solved cube that’s by itself. A virtual hand then picks up this solved cube and places it on this nearby device. The cube then rotates.

During all of this video there is a mirror on the table that showed everything that happened.


Various Cube sizes in Virtual Reality

Cubing in v r is a video that shows three different Rubik’s cubes in virtual reality. These cubes consist of the 2 x 2 , 3 x 3 and 4 x 4 Rubik’s cubes. In this video these cubes are messed up and made into certain patterns. In the video you can see two long metal looking devices that are used to solve the cubes.

Virtual reality

E F C # 87 Rubik’s Cube in V R (Virtual Reality) El Friki de los Cubos is a video of a 3 x 3 x 3 Rubik’s cube in virtual reality being solved and it also shows two other cubes of which one is unsolved. After it shows the cube being quickly solved it then shows an unsolved cube.

The front face of the unsolved cube is rotated to the left bringing the left face into view and then is brought back to its face again. There are algorithms seen which are the moves to solve this cube.

The video slowly plays through these sequence of moves to complete the cube.
This device isn’t used by someone who is learning the Rubik’s Cube, but is just viewing the Cube in another dimension.

Virtual Reality is a new and interesting way of revealing the Rubik’s Cube. The Rubik’s Cube is revealed in this dimension in many ways. These Virtual Reality studies are still in their early stages. These studies are making progress and gaining more world wide attention all the time.