You Tube and the Rubik’s Cube
August 11, 2018

solving Rubik cube online

Today there are thousands of Rubik’s Cube videos at You Tube. I believe that about 40,000 of these are Rubik’s Cube tutorials and about 80,000 are speed cubing videos. Once you upload your video to You Tube you can then write up its title, description and keywords.

People are then able to watch your video and subscribe to you. You have the option to allow or disallow comments on your video. You can reply to anyone who comments on your video.

There is also the privilege of advertising your video at You Tube. When you advertise your You Tube video, you can see exactly how the advert will appear to others. Advertising your You Tube video is very straightforward and easy.

In the You Tube video manager, you can see the amount of video views count on all your videos. There is a dropdown box of options of tasks you can carry out on your video.

Your dashboard reveals the amount of subscribers you have. My Rubik’s Cube tutorials have got me 50 subscribers so far. I get lots of messages at You Tube about Rubik’s Cube activities.

Rubik’s Cube videos are becoming a very popular topic at You Tube. You can search for and find all the top speed cubing videos and top Rubik’s Cube tutorials there. The amount of both of these kinds of videos is forever increasing at You Tube.

Videos of previous Rubik’s Cube World championships are found at You Tube. I have uploaded about 50 Rubik’s Cube tutorials videos to You Tube. Additionally I have uploaded about 100 of my own personal speed cubing videos to You Tube.

If you can create a great Rubik’s Cube tutorial video, then I would recommend that you upload it to You Tube. You never know how big it might become. Once you have your You Tube account and your uploaded Rubik’s Cube videos, you will receive similar videos from others.

You can subscribe to other Rubik’s Cube enthusiasts who send you their videos and messages. By subscribing to others can lead to them subscribing to you. I

have gained subscribers after to subscribing to others. Subscribers will automatically be sent any videos that you upload to You Tube. Likewise you will receive any new videos that they upload to You Tube.

If you place your website link in your You Tube videos then your subscribers will see the link and hopefully could get you more traffic to your website.