Rubik’s Cube competition Timers
April 6, 2017

Timers for Rubiks Cube –

These timing devices are regularly used in speed cubing competitions. They include a built in scrample generator.

The stop watch analyzes training statistics and it calculates the average speed. Furthermore it reveals your fastest time, worst time, average time, median time.

It also calculates your average of 5 solves and your best 3 of 5 solves. Further more it calculates your average of 12 solves and your best 10 of 12 solves.

Timers can be downloaded many cube ones can also be purchased vat Amazon.


Timer models

Some of these Timers include Date xx Cube Timer, The Miracle Cube Timer ,5, 15,30 and 60 minute,

Miracle Cube Timer, Fit Time Cube Combo 10,20,30.
The Miracle Cube Timer,1, 3, 5 and 17 minutes.
The Miracle Cube Timer ,5 piece set.

CS Timers are one of the best timers. Timers have a scramble list which you can set to what you require. You set the timer for the cube sizes or puzzle you want it for. You will have your list of times on the left hand side. Comments are enabled in this Timer.

The tool box will show you information of all your scrambles and statistics. This sizer is super customizable ,which means you can change anything you want.

If you click on Display, you have the option to change the font. You can also change the colors. If you click on Timer ,you have an inspection button along with typing, stack mat and you have a virtual cube that you can use.

Keyboard short cuts

If you go to keyboard shortcuts it tells you all the binds to use the virtual cube. The CS Timer is the only one with a virtual cube.and It is the best one and has lots of options.

It is definitely the most functional Timer.
Keyboard short cuts is a very helpful function of this CS Timer. This Timer is able to time your solves of different parts of the cube. It can also be used to time blind solves.

Technology has made it possible for Timers to exist in Rubik’s Cube competitions. A wide variety of Rubik’s Cube Timers are now on display. Timers are a convenient way of keeping track of all your Rubik’s Cube solves.