Solving the rubiks cube and the internet
March 1, 2017

Solving the cube online –

Seven year old solves the Rubik’s Cube
in 49.41 seconds

A primary school boy astonishingly produced a Rubik’s Cube solve in 49.41 seconds. This little boy has become an internet sensation by solving the cube. This little boy named Harry Gilbert, has only been playing on the Cube for about 4 weeks.This makes his achievement all the more astonishing.

His Dad bought him the Rubik’s Cube in March 2018. After seeing his sons achievement, his Dad decided to upload a video of his sons achievement to You Tube.

Harry Gilbert attends Forest Glade Primary School, in Mansfield.His popularity and respect has grown so much, that many other kids at his School ask him to solve their Rubik’s Cubes.

They tell their friends of Harry’s ability. I’m sure Harry is also teaching other School kids to solve the Cube.

Harry’s Dad can solve the Cube in 1 minute and 28 seconds. Harry loves beating his Dad at the Rubik’s Cube. His Dad is overwhelmed by his sons ability, and declared him to be a very clever boy.

Harry is studying his third year in Math’s, although is in only the second year at School.It only took Harry three weeks of playing the Cube, before he could beat his father’s solving time. Harry solved the Cube in 1 minute and 9 seconds, the first time his Dad filmed him.


Harry’s School performance

Harry did a show solving the Cube in the last week of School. Here he performed in front of 230 children and headmistress. He produced a solve of the Cube in 58 seconds, to the astonishment of everyone present. His Dad is now intent on getting him a coach.

When Harry was a little boy, he spent a lot of time doing jigsaws for 8 – 12 year old’s. I know that playing with puzzles, improves the potential to solve the Rubik’s Cube.

Solving the cube

How the Rubik’s Cube jugglers
tricked the internet

Leo Western solved some Cubes whilst juggling. This act was filmed and looked very impressive. What was even more surprising, is that he returned claiming that his whole act had been a fake and he showed how.

He explained that he’d done it by, filming himself juggling solved Cubes and then digitally removing them. This part was definitely not a fake. Next Leo and his team took still photos of Cubes. These Cubes were at various angles and were unsolved, which were tracked onto the solved Cubes.

When the camera panned out, the Cubes were replaced with 3 D models. Lighting effects were added to match to match the space where the original footage was shot. Leo and his team are obviously very intelligent guys.

Solving the cube

Two other Jugglers grabbed the attention of the internet.These jugglers solve cube one – handed.

The seven year old boy Cube solver and the Rubik’s Cube jugglers grabbed a lot of media attention. This was because both were very unique acts.How many adults are there who can solve a Rubik’s Cube, let alone a seven year old boy.