How to solve a Rubik’s Cube fast
August 11, 2018

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Most people are happy just to be able to solve the Cube. When one learns the Cube they will naturally desire to solve it faster. To achieve this it will require plenty of practice and with the help of speed cubing technique videos.

These kinds of videos will include tutorials of special finger skills needed to make the turns on the Cube. By practising this, your speed cubing times will improve a lot. There is no guarantee that you’ll become as fast as a speed cuber.

Being a speed cuber is an inborn potential. Over the last two decades better and faster solving methods have been created. This is why solving times have got a lot faster.

Some of the World’s fastest speed cubers have averaged five solves of the Cube at times ranging between 6 and 8 seconds. They have amazing speed and finger dexterity.

The World’s fastest speed cubers practice about four hours a day. Practicing a lot will improve your finger skills and solving times. When solving a Rubik’s Cube it is essential that your Cube is flexible.

A stiff Rubik’s Cube is disastrous because it will slow your moves down resulting in a much slower solving time. Cubes need to be flexible so as they can turn easily. Rubik’s Cubes often become stiff from excessive playing on them.

To prevent this from happening you will need to lubricate your Rubik’s Cube to make it flexible. Rubik’s Cube lubricants can be purchased from many online shops. I use silicon spray to lubricate my Rubik’s Cube.

Once you apply the silicon spray to the Cube you have to play on it a while, before the spray can take the full effect. You can even use Vaseline to make your Cube flexible. Another way which may help you to become a faster Cube solver, is to get some help from other Cube enthusiasts.

They can give you some tips and tricks to assist you. You can see there are many ways to improve your Cube solving times. Why not try using them now. You could purchase a Rubik’s Cube timer and start timing your solves.

By doing this continually you will eventually produce faster solves of the cube. You could even race against someone of your standard. This will provide you with more enthusiasm to solve the cube faster.

Whilst speed solving the cube it’s best not to try to go too fast but to take your time a bit. The reason for this is because if you go too fast it will weaken your concentration and block your clear thinking.