Six popular Rubik’s puzzles
April 8, 2017

Six rubiks puzzles to keep you occupied.

Today there are many Rubik’s Cube tutorials to learn many different puzzles.

Rubik’s Domino

Erno Rubik also invented the Rubik’s Domino which looks very similar to a Rubik’s Cube.
It had one layer removed, so it was then composed of just 18 smaller cubes rather than the 27.

The idea behind this invention was to rearrange the numbers one through nine using domino – style dots on both sides. This would be black dots on the white domino pieces and the white dots on the black domino pieces.

These dots would be in the correct order.
There were 406,425,600 potential positions.
Once some person learned how to solve the domino pieces they were able to solve it in a minimum of 19 moves.

Another mechanical puzzle invented by Erno Rubik was the Rubik’s Cheese.

Rubik’s Cheese

This puzzle was invented shortly after the invention of the Rubik’s Cube.To solve the Cheese you had to group two layers of colored pieces together.
When solved you would now have 12 colored pieces matched.
You had to keep twisting the Rubik’s Cheese in half to move groups of six pieces around at a time.

Six rubiks puzzles


Rubik’s Magic

The Rubik’s Magic has eight tiles which are joined by wires. These wires can be twisted to make the tiles into all sorts of shapes. The shape shows three separate rings. The object is to make the Magic into a heart shape.

Once completed the heart shape should reveal three rings that are linked. In the 1980’s an edition of this shape was released that consisted of 12 tiles and showed five different rings.

Six rubiks puzzles


Rubik’s Snake

The Rubik’s Snake has 24 linked triangular prisms which can be twisted and folded to change its shape. The idea of this puzzle is for the person to create different shapes of animals or a sphere. You can also decide to come up with your own created shapes.

A certain mathematician believes that there are a possible 6,770,518,220,623 ways to fold the snake.

Six rubiks puzzles


The Rubik’s Tangle

Complex Rubik’s puzzles
The Rubik’s Tangle was invented in the 1990’s . This puzzle had string in four different colours. This was a 25 piece tile puzzle of lengths of string. Each puzzle piece is the same size and is able to be rotated through four different orientations.

Two pieces are identical. This means that there are two correct solutions. It is pretty unusual for a Rubik’s puzzle to have more than one solution.

Six rubiks puzzles

The Rubik’s 360 was invented in 2009. To solve this puzzle you must manipulate a plastic sphere so the six balls inside it are positioned into the color – coded compartments. This puzzle cannot be solved using algorithms.

The world record for solving this puzzle is more than three times slower than it is for solving the Rubik’s Cube.

Six rubiks puzzles

There are many other Rubik’s Cube related inventions.

Rubik’s Cube related puzzles seem to be able to be created from all kinds of objects and games.