The Rubik’s Cube car
April 6, 2017

Rubik’s Cube vehicles –

You can go to You Tube and watch a video about an interesting Rubik’s Cube car. The name of this You Tube video is Turbo Mind Twister Rubik’s Cube Style Round Car Puzzle.
This video is about Turbo Mind Twister Rubik’s Cube Style Round Car Puzzle.

Rubik’s cube vehicles

This video shows a puzzle of a row of cars in the middle. You have corresponding color sections which need to be matched up.

The idea is to match up two different colored cars with the correct color section. The puzzle can be moved forwards and backwards and to left and right. The cars can be moved along the channel that’s it’s already situated on.

You have color sections on either of the row of cars. This puzzle is fairly interesting and it’s quite complicated. You may have to be good at puzzles to solve this one.
Rubik’s cube vehicles. There have also been some large Rubik’s Cube inventions that are quite interesting to see.

Rubik’s cube vehicles


The Rubik’s Cube car


People have been so inspired by the Rubik’s Cube. This has led to the invention of many Rubik’s Cube related puzzles. There have been many other Rubik’s Cube related objects besides puzzles. Some of these invented objects have been huge.

Despite all of this it is still quite surprising to see the invention of a Rubik’s Cube car. This isn’t a toy Rubik’s Cube car either. It is an actual live working person’s car.

The car is made the normal way of any other working car. The only difference is that the car is covered with the colours and pattern of a Rubik’s Cube. I’m sure you won’t see many of these cars on the market right now. If you do you should let me know as soon as possible.

Rubik’s Cube car video

This Rubik’s Cube looking car can be seen in a You Tube video. I believe it was a very nice idea. The car is obviously not a cube shaped and the colours on the car are evenly spaced out.

I’m sure this car will receive plenty of attention. The owner will often be bombarded with questions about the car. May be the owner might be lucky to get some petrol without questions.

All the owner needs to do now is to buy some petrol with a Rubik’s Cube pattern on the can. This car design will inspire some people to do the same thing with their car. I’m just wondering what the Rubik’s Cube solving method would be for solving the pattern on this car.

I bet the owners key to this car has a Rubik’s Cube key ring . I’d to see a few of these cars on the market because I won’t waste any time buying one.

The name of this You Tube video of the car is Rubik’s Cube car in California. This video shows a Range Rover type looking car that has a similar appearance to the Rubik’s Cube. The car in the video has rectangular shapes around the car which are the same colors of the original Rubik’s Cube.

These colors are white,  yellow, green, blue, orange and red. In this video a woman is seen parking the car and is then approached by an interviewer.

Rubik’s cube vehicles

Interview of the Rubik’s Cube car owner

The interviewer makes a joke about the car and then asks her why she chose that particular design on the car. She answered that it’s not her car and then points to the male owner. The front of the car has a number plate with RUBIK OB written on it.

When the interviewer sees this he exclaims ‘’oh I see Rubik’s Cube, I understand’’. He knew the car is meant to resemble the pattern of a Rubik’s Cube. The interviewer again makes a joke about thinking the car belonged to the partridge family.

He then asks the woman what organisation that day is doing the car wash. The woman answered Eighth grade, Middle School, DC, New York Trip. The interviewer answers okay take care.

Rubik’s cube vehicles

The look of this car is quite awesome and it will certainly get a lot of the public’s attention. The Rubik’s Cube colors are covering most of the car including the bonnet and the back , and the back window parts.

The only section of the car without the Rubik’s patterns is the roof. I believe in time this kind of Rubik’s patterned vehicle will be on sale.

Rubik’s cube vehicles