Exciting Rubik’s Cube events
April 8, 2017

Rubik’s events online

Today there are many Rubik’s Cube tutorial sites online.

Rubik’s Cube upcoming events

In 2018 Red Bull Mind Gamer’s wanted to improve speed cubing competitions worldwide. They then decided to play a role in speed cubing and founded the Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championships.

Their intention is to create a more exciting method of challenges in speed cubing competitions. At the moment there are more than 16 countries taking part in the 2018 Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championships.

Rubik’s events

Some of the countries known to be participants of this completion include Austria, India, Brazil, Japan.

If you manage to succeed to the next stage you will take part in the Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championships Finals. This final will be held in Boston USA in 2018. You can register now to take part in the first qualifier round. More events will be added soon to this new and exciting competition.

Rubik’s events

You can find many social networks that involve Rubik’s Cube activities.
The U K C A/UK Cube Association hosts upcoming competitions’
Competitions | World Cube Association

The World Cube Association hosts hundreds of competitions all over the world every year.Anyone can enter and registration is quick and easy.


Child related Rubik’s cube events

Cubing 4 kids is part of the World Cube Association.It is the kids competition and their is a maximum of 80 competitors.

Rubik’s events

An event called ”The Rubik’s Cube of Childhood Brain Injury” has been created.
This event is The Children’s Trust national paediatric brain injury conference for 2018.

It is designed to look at the puzzling complexities and challenges of brain injury in children.

Central India holds great Technical Festival named Rubik’s Cube – Prajwalan ’18
The participants must solve the cube within 2 minutes to qualify for the next round.

Rubik’s events

Upcoming Creative and Fun Events Supporting Beacon Schools !Rubik’s …
This event is designed to promote fund raising for for all of Beacon’s public schools. One of the fundraising events is Rubik’s Cubes. Dates and details are given for all the events.

Rubik’s events

More and more events are being introduced in Rubik’s Cube competitions.These new events have gained many followers worldwide.