Skydiver solves a Rubik’s Cube
April 6, 2017

Rubiks Cube sports

The Rubik’s Cube is considered by some people to be a sport. Some of the skills needed to produce fast solves include good dexterity and an analytical mind. Along with these skills you will need a lot of patience to spend a lot of time practicing.

Erno Rubik didn’t create the Rubik’s Cube to be a sport. The way in which the cube was created wasn’t how one would expect. It happened as Erno Rubik was teaching a class of students.

He decided he wanted to create an object that represented special relationships.
Once he created the Cube he soon realized this was something more than a lesson.

In the late 1970’s the Rubik’s Cube made many sales in Hungary and later in 1979 it was being sold internationally. Today the Rubik’s Cube comes in may different forms and sizes. There are many speedcubing competitions of all these puzzles worldwide.

Rubiks cube sports

NBA Player and the Rubik’s Cube

Steve Kerr often likes to grab attention from the Media. His latest media stunt was influenced by the fact that Stephen Curry wouldn’t be playing against the Magic. For some reason Stephen Curry had been omitted from the team that were destined to play against the Magic.

Steve Kerr was anxious for the Media to announce that Stephen Curry would be missing.

For this reason and maybe out of boredom waiting he decided to play with a Rubik’s Cube whilst he waited for people to tweet updates.

Surprising during this moment of playing on the cube he managed to solve it. Afterwards he in the media room he was asked if he had solved the cube before. He replied that, that was the first time he’d solved a Rubik’s Cube.

Rubiks cube sports

Sky diving Rubik’s Cube solve

A Skydiver by the name of Chris Walker decided he wanted to solve a Rubik’s Cube whilst skydiving.
His ultimate aim was to solve the Rubik’s Cube before his parachute opened.

During his free fall sky – dive he astonishingly managed to solve the Rubik’s Cube in 51 seconds.
This time may not be anywhere near the record time for solving a Rubik’s Cube , but you have to consider his circumstances.

Rubiks cube sports

During the 51 seconds he took to solve the cube he virtually upside down.
At the same time his attention was focused on his free fall sky – dive.

Furthermore during his solve he’d still hadn’t opened his parachute.
He managed this 51 second solve whilst free fall sky – diving and then he opened his parachute.

Rubiks cube sports

The Rubik’s Cube wasn’t created to be a sport but it seems nowadays to have been used in by individuals in lots of sports. There have been many celebrities who have used the Cube to show off and to try to make themselves look like a person of some significance.