Rubik’s Cube solving potential
August 10, 2018

Rubik’s solving methods

Many individuals would love to solve the Rubik’s Cube. Many have tried and failed. I would estimate that one person in every 200 globally is able to solve the Rubik’s Cube. Not everyone will be able to solve the Cube, just the same way not everyone will be able to run a 100 meters under 10 seconds.

Obviously the more you practice on the Cube the more chance you have of eventually solving it.

The potential Cube solver

But it takes a certain kind of mind to enable one to solve the Rubik’s Cube.
You need a fairly good memory in order to learn to solve the Cube.

You need a very strong memory in order to become a speed cuber. Speed cubers are very fast solvers of the Rubik’s Cube.
Speed cubers need to learn solving methods that consist of the least amount of moves to solve the Cube.

These methods require you to memorize a lot of algorithms. One of these learning methods is called the Fridrich method. This learning method consists of 120 algorithms.
You’ll notice that learning this method will require an extremely good memory.

Having a good memory also enables you to think faster thus make the moves faster.
Most speedcubers are very good at mathematics. Ninety nine percent of speedcubers are academics. A lot of speedcubers study topics like Science, Mathematics and engineering.

Speed cubers have good finger skills which is known as dexterity. They also have a very good hand – eye coordination. A potential speed cuber learns to solve the Cube very quickly.
I myself am a speed cuber.

Within 4 weeks of learning to solve the Cube I was able to solve it in 58 seconds. Within 3 months of learning the Cube I could solve it in 27 seconds.
You will notice very soon if a Cube learner is a potential speed cuber.

There are some people who’ll never be able to solve the Cube, no matter how much they practice. They simply don’t have what it takes to do it.
It wouldn’t matter if this person even had the best teacher in the World, they’d still fail to solve the Cube.
Everyone is meant for everything.