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March 22, 2018

Rubik’s solving – Speed cubing guide for beginners


Once an individual has learnt to solve the Rubik’s cube it is only natural for them to want to solve it faster.

Rubik’s solving

Speed cubing

Speed cubing is the art of solving the Rubik’s cube as fast as possible. There are also other twisty puzzles in which speed cubing is possible. Generally a Rubik’s cube solver would be considered to be a speed cuber if they could solve the cube within 30 seconds.

Rubik’s solving

Once you’ve learnt the move notation you’ll be able to learn algorithms. Top class speed cubers solve the cube within 15 seconds. In order to carry out such fast solves of the cube many algorithms must be memorized. The more algorithms memorized means the less amount of moves are needed to solve the cube.

Rubik’s solving

Moves of the R = right file and the U = Upper file, are the easiest and quickest moves to carry out. Therefore algorithms containing the most R and U file will enable you to solve the cube as fast as possible. After lots of practice you will eventually be able to play these algorithms off by heart.

You may already be able to start learning the Rubik’s Cube. The Rubik’s Cube tutorial is very easy to understand.

Rubik’s solving online

Flexible Rubik’s cube

To enable speed cubing, one will need a flexible cube. Some brands of rubiks are very stiff, which slows down your moves enormously. These are very cheap rubiks cubes. Your rubik’s will loosen up simply by using it.

Rubik’s solving

You can also loosen up your Rubik’s cube by lubricating it or by removing the centre piece caps and loosening the screws which in turn loosens the springs. This will result in a much more flexible cube that turns very easily.

Rubik’s solving

If you decide to lubricate your cube I would strongly recommend you use silicon spray. Before lubricating your cube you should read an article on lubrication. There are many Rubik’s cube online specially designed for speed cubing.

Finger Tricks

Learning finger tricks will enable you to speed solve a cube a lot faster. Finger tricks are a way of executing a certain combination of moves faster.

There are some websites with videos that show you how to perform algorithms. A collection of videos found here on the following forums will help you to learn finger tricks.

Rubik’s solving online

( php?5248 – Help – thread – Finger – Tricks). provides algorithms with videos. This can give you an idea about how to execute certain combinations of moves.

Rubik’s solving hosts a lot of speed cubing videos. These videos are really fast, but it can give you some inspiration. After watching all these videos for a while, you will probably start performing your own tricks.

Rubik’s solving online

Solving methods

There are many methods to solve the Rubik’s cube. Obviously a beginner is advised is advised to learn the easiest and fastest method known as the Long layer method. By using this method, you will solve the cube in an average of 115 quarter turn moves.

If you are a serious speed cuber you will need to use a method that solves the cube in much less moves. The Fridrich method and the Lars Petrus method are two such methods that do this.

World record
These two methods are used by world class speed cubers. The Lars Petrus method solves the cube in an average of 75 quarter turn moves. The more commonly used Fridrich method solves the cube in an average of 65 quarter turn moves.

With a bit of luck world class speed cubers have solved the cube using the Fridrich method in as few as 35 quarter turn moves. This is the main reason why some world class speed cubers have been able to solve the cube between 5 and 6 seconds. The world record today for speed solving the cube stands at 5.24 seconds.

Rubik’s solving online

Buying puzzles

Due to the immense desire for Rubik’s cubes many shops have appeared. These shops include: – This place sells various puzzles which are very popular amongst speedcubers.

They also offer world wide shipping. – They tend to have all the new cubes on sale very quickly. They also offer free shipping. – This site have lots of cubes that are regularly bought by speedcubers. – They offer a large number of different and interesting puzzles. They don’t especially focus on speedcubes.

Big cubes
Big cubes refers to the 4×4 and 5×5 cubes. You can learn to solve these big cubes at sites such as: – solution.html and

How to solve the cube fast
To enable you to produce your fastest solves of the cube you mustn’t rush. You must learn to slow down,
look ahead and concentrate.

You must also put in plenty of hard practice. There are speed cubing tutorial videos at You Tube that you will find helpful to improve your speed cubing times.
Official Speedcubing world records.

All official world records for fast solves of the cube
achieved at competitions can be found here: php
All unofficial world records for fast solves of the cube
can be found here:

Rubik’s solving

Frequently asked questions

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Rubik’s solving How to Guides
This is a link to the How – To section, which includes various tutorials and guides. php?f=18

Rubik’s solving online

The link to the wiki page for the popular Layer by Layer beginners method is at – by – layer

Rubik’s solving online

Many solving methods have emerged in the last decade , and continue to do so. World records have improved significantly since the Cubes invention. Times are now so fast that it wont be long before a World Championship finalist averages 7 second solves.