Rubik’s Cube museum
April 6, 2017

Rubik’s cube museum of historical achievement’s


There has been a decision for a Rubik’s Cube shaped museum to be built in Budapest.
Maybe to the respect of the Hungarian Mr Rubik is why it was made.The Hungarian government officials have announced plans for a Rubik’s Cube shaped museum to be built.

The museum will include a lot of Hungary’s historical achievements stretching back over the last 11,00 years.

The location of this museum will be along the Danube bank near the the Rakoczi bridge. This location has plenty of rail traffic flowing by.

Rubik’s cube museum

The construction was stated to begin in 2014 and conclude in 2017.
The plan is going to be brought to peoples attention by creating a travelling exhibition.

The fascinating Beyond Rubik’s Cube Exhibition, already exists and is a very interesting place to view.


Remembering Erno Rubik

Mr Rubik invented the Rubik’s Cube and various other puzzles and I am sure that the museum  was planned in memory of him. Many of the Hungarian citizens will enjoy this new museum as they are  the original  Rubik’s Cube nation.

Rubik’s Cube museum.

The exact function of the building has to be decided before it can open its doors to the public in 2017. This project is being helped by mathematicians and engineers. Along with these individuals there are also festival organizers and restaurant owners that are involved in this project.

The Danube river bank has a very nice scenery, and is where the new Museum is most likely to be located.

Rubik’s cube museum

Mr Rubik was very excited at the prospect of this upcoming new Museum. The prime minister of Hungary declared that the idea was to make this Museum busy and lively. He wanted the Museum to inspire and fascinate generations of people.

The look of the proposed building shows that of an illuminated Rubik’s Cube with the top layer turned. Quite a sight.

Rubik’s Cube museum

Mr Rubik has bought so much fun and excitement to so many by inventing the Rubik’s Cube. This makes me  pleased about a museum  in memory of him.I’m sure the museum will be very popular and that people will learn a lot from visiting it.