How the Rubik’s Cube is made
August 20, 2018

Learning the cube

The Rubik’s Cube is made up of 26 pieces. These pieces of the Rubik’s Cube are called corners, edges, and centre pieces. The centre pieces are stationary. The edge pieces are those that lay between all the corner pieces.

The corner pieces are those that are obviously located at the eight corners. The Cube consists of 12 edge pieces and each one has 2 coloured stickers on them.

There are 8 corner pieces and each one has 3 different coloured stickers on them. The cube has 8 centre pieces that have 1 coloured sticker. The centre pieces cannot move at all.

The Rubik’s Cube consists of three layers. These layers are the top layer, the middle layer and the bottom layer. There are 6 faces of the Rubik’s Cube. They are called the front, back, left, right, upper and downer.

The Rubik’s Cube has 6 colours which are normally white, yellow, blue, green, orange and red. The colour of each of the centre pieces determines the colour of the other pieces on that side. In other words a red centre piece means that all the other red stickers must be placed with it on the same face.

Some beginners of the Rubik’s Cube, often say they have managed to complete one side. It is true that they often do complete a side. But when they complete one side, the colours at the side of the top layer don’t match up.

When you solve the top layer, you need to make sure the colours at the side of the top layer are all the same.

So for example if you completed the white stickers at the top of the cube, one of its edges will be a white and red edge piece, with the red being at the side matching the red stickers of the 2 corners.

I’ll explain it even more. You’ll have one corner coloured white, red and blue and another coloured white, red and green. When you insert these 2 corner pieces at the top of the cube the white sticker will be at the top.

The red stickers of these 2 corner pieces will be at the side matching up with the red sicker of the edge piece. The red sticker of any correctly place piece will always match up with the red centre piece.

Each correctly placed piece must have sticker colors the same color has the center colors. Once they aren’t matching you know they need to be corrected.