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March 1, 2017

Rubik’s cube forums community


Social Networks

Rubik’s Cube related activities can be found on many online sites. You Tube will of course be the most popular of them all. Rubik’s Cube related content found on Social Media and other sites will mainly focus on speed cubing and Rubik’s Cube tutorials.

There will often be other Rubik’s Cube activities as well. Dailymotion and Vimeo video surfing sites have many speed cubing and Rubik’s Cube tutorials videos.

Rubik’s cube forums

There are other video surfing sites that include these activities. Rubik’s Cube related activities are also found in a lot of social networks. Some of these networks include V K, Stumble upon, Tumbir, Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook has the most of this content. At these social networks you are able to participate in groups. You can learn and get ideas from other members of the group. Within these social networks members are able to share their work and also receive information from other members of the group.


Rubik’s Cube forums

Today there are many online Forums in which you can take part in online discussions about the Rubik’s Cube. You also have the privilege of uploading content to them and ask questions.

You can reach out to members of the network and share your knowledge with them. The numbers of Social Media sites is ever increasing. As they increase peoples knowledge of Rubik’s Cube activities will increase also.

Rubik’s cube forums

The Rubiks Cube art of memory Forum has activities listed below.
Blindfolded Speedcubing (Rubik’s Cube) Art of Memory
Using memory techniques to solve Rubik’s Cube ! Art of

Rubik’s Cube memory method !Art of memory Forum
Memorizing Rubik’s Cube (and similar puzzles) Art of memory.



Speed is another forum and is one of the best Rubik’s Cube Forums. In the Forum section of this site you have a group of headings which cover various Rubik’s Cube related topics.These main headings are Resources, Cubing Help Area, General Discussions, Video Gallery, Competition Area, and Off Topic.

Other additional features of this site include Forum Rules, Newsletters, Premium Membership, Puzzle Chat Room, World Cube Association and Contact.

This Forum also has a Wiki section and a Shop section. The shop has a large quantity of various Rubik’s puzzles. You are able to find out about the weekly online competitions and you’re able to join their Puzzles community. You have all the W C A Updates.Information can also be provided by the World Cube association regarding certain matters.

The site has a Helpful Links section. All speed cubers are able to have any FAQ’s answered in this sites Speed cubing FAQ Section.

There is also a Podcast section. There is a search engine within this site. Interviews with certain major speed cubing figures are able to be seen within the Interviews section of this site. Any member of this site has the privilege of sending news stories and ideas to the site.

A member is able to receive information about records, news and updates to their inbox up to twice a month. To send or receive information you just need to enter your email address in the Get Updates section.

This site was created in 2006.Rubik’s cube forums are a good and easy way to communicate with other lovers of the Rubik’s cube.


Rubik’s Cube upcoming events

In 2018 Red Bull Mind Gamer’s wanted to improve speed cubing competitions worldwide. They then decided to play a role in speed cubing and founded the Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championships. Their intention is to create a more exciting method of challenges in speed cubing competitions.

Rubik’s cube forums

At the moment there are more than 16 countries taking part in the 2018 Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championships. Some of the countries known to be participants of this completion include Austria, India, Brazil, Japan.

Rubik’s cube forums

If you manage to succeed to the next stage you will take part in the Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championships Finals. This final will be held in Boston USA in 2018. You can register now to take part in the first qualifier round. More events will be added soon to this new and exciting competition.


Rubik’s Cube community groups

Rubik’s Cube and puzzle Society – Leeds University Union – want to share share their interest in puzzles and cubes. People at all levels are welcome. They offer tutorials. They have lots of Rubik’s and puzzle related themes.

The yearly membership is £4.00. This £4.00 fee will give you access and a free use of all their puzzles.

Rubik’s Cube forums



There is a rapid growing number of individuals that are taking part in Rubik’s Cube activities within a lot of Social Networks. Many new Social Networks are emerging and you are seeing Rubik’s Cube activities within them very soon.