The fascinating Beyond Rubik’s Cube exhibition
February 9, 2018

Rubiks Cube exhibition –


Inventions of the Exhibition

Beyond Rubik’s Cube is a great exhibition of Rubik’s cube activities. The event is created by both Liberty Science and Exhibits development.This event is inspired by the sheer popularity and progression of Rubik’s cube activities.

Rubiks cube exhibition

The Rubik’s cube has fostered creativity across the fields of science ,technology,mathematics and many arts. The exhibition presents puzzles,robots,music and all sorts of other things that are used for the exploration of the Rubik’s cube.

Rubiks cube exhibition

The exhibition shows many of the products designed by Erno Rubik. The exhibition provides a program guide that gives advice to venues for hosting collaborative Cube-based art,music,dance,engineering and architecture competitions.


Rubik’s Cube exhibition venue

Some other activities that this Program Guide gives advice about include speed cubing championships and blindfolded speed cubing.

Rubiks Cube exhibition

Beyond Rubik’s Cube is attracted to by a large audience of people. It attracts children,teenagers and adults. It mainly attracts children. Many individuals with a strong interest in art, design and pop culture are very attracted to Beyond Rubik’s Cube.

Rubiks cube exhibition

The exhibition is very supportive of educational standards for certain children’s grades. The reason why it is supportive of these grades is reliant on the fact that mostly children are inspired by the events of the exhibition and have enjoyed Rubik’s Cube tutorials.

Rubiks Cube exhibition


Rubik’s Cube museum

There has been a decision for a Rubik’s Cube shaped museum to be built in Budapest.
Maybe to the respect of the Hungarian Erno Rubik the Hungarian government officials have announced plans for a Rubik’s Cube shaped museum to be built.

Rubiks cube exhibition

The museum will include a lot of Hungaries historical achievements stretching back over the last 11,00 years.
The location of this museum will be along the Danube bank near the the Rakoczi bridge with plenty of rail traffic flowing by.
The construction was stated to begin in 2014 and conclude in 2017.
The plan is going to be brought to peoples attention by creating a travelling exhibition.

Erno Rubik invented the Rubik’s Cube and various other puzzles and I am sure that all this is planned in honour of him.

Many of the Hungarian citizens will enjoy this new museum considering the are seen as the original nation of the Rubik’s Cube.

Rubiks Cube exhibition

Apart from all of this there is today many Rubik’s Cube related inventions.

This exhibition is a reflection of how inspiring the Rubik’s Cube has become. It also shows the enormous amount of interest people have towards the Rubik’s Cube.