April 6, 2017

Puzzles of the Rubik’s Cube –
Cube puzzles

Today there are many different Rubik’s Cube puzzles. I will mention a few interesting ones below.
There exists a Rubik’s Cube Two Impossible Jigsaw Puzzles: Paladone : Amazon.co…
Product description.

Two difficult jigsaw puzzles in one box. Each jigsaw puzzle has a different puzzle of 40 pieces. The object of the game is to discover which puzzle the piece belongs to. You’ll see a box that contains 2 x 40 puzzle pieces.

Cube puzzles


Rubik’s zigzaw puzzle

Cube puzzles

The Rubik’s Zigzaw Puzzle is a sort of jigsaw puzzle. The picture needed to be formed will be of a large number of solved Rubik’s Cubes. Nearly all the puzzle pieces have a frog – like shape except for the edge puzzle pieces.

This makes it easy to put the pieces together in the wrong way. You’ll see a picture also that shows cubes that have been mixed. There are 81 frog shaped pieces, 8 other interior pieces and 42 edge pieces, for a total of 131 pieces.

Rubik’s jigsaw puzzles – Ebay

Cube puzzles

Rubik’s Spark (lights and sounds).Brand new 36 piece Brain Teaser Puzzle. You have the all – new electronic Rubik’s SPARK Cube and find a way to control your game play. No buttons and no touch screen.

This is a new dimension of game control. The flashing cube is the one you need. There are many Rubik’s Cube related toys on the market today.

There are many other inventions of Rubik’s puzzles.


High Quality Puzzles

Puzzle Master Inc. sells high quality puzzles. Some of these puzzle include wire and metal puzzles, wood puzzles and jigsaws. There are even more puzzles which can be bought there. They also give you the solutions to each of their puzzles.

At the site you need to click on puzzle solutions. You will then see a large variety of puzzles being displayed.

You next need to click on the puzzle you seek the solution to and you’ll be directed to an email box. Next you’ll  need to fill in your full name and country and email address and then click request solution.

Cube puzzles

A large variety Rubik’s Cube related puzzles exist today. These puzzles are of different sizes and shaped pieces .They also consist of a variety of patterns. These puzzles are also made from a large variety of materials. You will no doubt see a lot more puzzles being introduced in time.