Online Rubik’s Cube competitions
April 6, 2017

Online Rubiks Cube competitions –

There are all sorts of Rubik’s Cube competitions.

This site is speed .Anyone is free to join this site. Once a member you are entitled to fully take part in discussions and access other features.

This community has over 30,000 members.

Once a member you are also able to post topics and to communicate privately with other members.
You will also have the privilege of uploading content.

Online rubiks cube

Registration is very quick and easy.
This is online cubing competition which involves speed cubing puzzles that aren’t usually speed cubed in competitions.

There will be 10 events every 2 months.
There will be prizes for the top speed cubers in each event. The site will advise you on the instructions on how to enter.

There’s 6 competitions of different events every year.

Online rubiks cube


Activities of

Certain features of this site include the registration of competitions and communicating with members through a forum.

You must register to become a board member. Once a member of this board ,you will have the privilege of of uploading any content that you’re permitted to upload.

You may decide that you want to start a discussion with other members about a particular topic of interest to you. You are able to take advantage of this and then post your particular topic. At this site you’re able to view W C A Updates.

Here you can see a list of competition results along with any upcoming competitions.You will easily find results to all the online Rubik’s cube competitions. This board has a Speed solving Puzzles Community.

This section includes a huge amount of Rubik’s cube related information. There is an announcement section of this community. From here admin posts the forum announcements. Another section of this Puzzles Community is Resources.

This section assists either to gain knowledge or get puzzles.
The Cubing Help and Beginner area is also part of this community. This place is designed to help people that need assistance regarding Rubik’s cube related matters.

This site often deals with questions that can be answered in one short post.
General Discussions
This area encourages the community to take part in all rubik’s cube related discussions.

Online rubiks cube

The introduction of online Rubik’s Cube competitions has been very helpful. These competitions allow a competitor to compete without having to pay for any travelling expenses. They also save a competitor a lot of time.