Jugglers solve Cube one – handed
April 6, 2017

One handed Rubik’s cube solves –

These One handed Rubik’s Cube solves are becoming more popular. In every World championships its number of competitors increases. I have never learnt to solve the cube one handed. I’ve watched people produce one hand solves of the cube. It looks very impressive and it requires a lot of skill.

Plenty of practice is required to become very good at this. To solve the cube with one hand is not possible by turning the cube with your hand.

For example if you attempted to make a right turn on the cube with your hand, you would end up just turning the whole cube a quarter turn.

The only way turns on a cube can be carried out with one hand is by using your fingers to make the moves. So before learning to solve the cube one handed, you will need to learn to do finger pushes. Ninety nine per cent of cube solvers that use finger pushes are speed cubers.

So nearly all one handed cube solvers will be speed cubers. You will have to strengthen your finger skills even more to produce one handed cube solves.

By doing this you will naturally be a better speed cuber when using both hands to speed cube.

If you are right handed, you will find it a lot more difficult to produce a one hand solve with your left hand. Therefore it will take a lot more practice to develop the left hand finger skills to solve with it one handed. Not long ago wasn’t that long ago that the cube solving World record was about 10 seconds when using both hands.

It is even more amazing that some of the World’s best one handed cube solvers today can solve it around 10 seconds. I would be amazed if this time were to improve a lot.


Method of one handed solves

There is a certain method required to solve a cube one handed. Whilst solving with one hand you are restricted from touching the cube with your body or anything else. You are only permitted to touch the cube on the table whilst producing the one hand solve during competition.

There are tips and tricks to aid one handed solves of the cube. It is now a very popular event worldwide which has become extremely competitive. One hand solves don’t require any Rubik’s Cube tutorial.

As fast as 10 second averages have been achieved in the one handed competitions.
Commonly these winning times average from 15 – 18 seconds.

There are many exciting videos of one handed cube solves.
The R and U files are the files you must turn the most.

The WCA has official results of one handed solves.
Juggling in itself takes plenty of practice to do it well. You can imagine the amount of practice and patience it takes, to solve a Cube whilst juggling.

Unbelievably two males managed to solve five Rubik’s Cubes whilst juggling. Both Ravi Fernando and Nick Thomas solved five Rubik’s Cubes whilst juggling the ones that weren’t being solved at the time. You can watch this video of them carrying out this whole act combining their juggling.


The Jugglers method

The pair of them had five Rubik’s Cubes and would pass three Rubik’s Cubes to each other with their free hands. At the same time they both solved a cube one handed. Whenever they finished, they switched it out and started the next one.

The solvers timed all the actions within the video. I’m sure that a few jugglers could be inspired by this video and get a few good ideas from it furthermore I’m sure this will get to be a very popular You Tube video. Other celebrities of the Rubik’s Cube have gone on to perform some amazing acts.

I am very surprised to see what these two jugglers achieved. I didn’t believe it to be possible. The jugglers did it all so cleverly that I don’t just see them as jugglers but very intelligent people.