New Rubik’s Cube exhibitions
August 10, 2018

Rubik’s Cube Exhibitions are very enjoyable events for lovers of the Rubik’s Cube.
These exhibitions have increased in the last decade, due to the increasing interest in the Rubik’s Cube. They cover a large number of Rubik’s Cube related topics.
The Beyond Rubik’s Cube Exhibition is one of the most popular Exhibitions.

This Exhibition has fascinated many of its visitors over the years.
A lot of time and money has been spent to create this Exhibition.
I myself have never attended a Rubik’s Cube Exhibition, but I surely intend to as soon as possible.
You can get information of Rubik’s Cube Exhibitions by searching online.

Fascinating Inventions of the Cube

You can find out where they’re located and what events they cover. You will be able to view all the fascinating inventions at the Exhibition.
I saw many pictures of Rubik’s Cube related inventions at the Beyond Rubik’s Cube Exhibition when looking at it online.

Some of these inventions are quite amazing to look at and I’ve still need to find out exactly what some of them are.
It must have taken a huge amount of funding to create the Beyond Rubik’s Cube Exhibition. I have only viewed this Exhibition online.

It looks very nice and colourfull. The objects in the Exhibition have been very well designed. There also appears to be many pictures on the walls which seemed to look like Rubik’s Cube related designs.
The Beyond Rubik’s Cube Exhibition is all about the Rubik’s Cube. The Exhibition has a massive area of about 7,000 sq feet.

This is plenty of space to fit in all the Rubik’s Cube related items on display.
You wouldn’t have enough time in a day to fully view and appreciate everything.
This wonderful Exhibition would be exciting even for someone who didn’t even have any particular interest in the Rubik’s Cube.

One of the biggest attractions of the Exhibition is a 10 ft tall and 2,367 lb working Rubik’s Cube that you can control.
There are so many exciting items to see that I don’t want to give them away and spoil it for you.
Go there and see for yourself and have some fun.