Lego robot breaks the Rubik’s Cube World Record.
May 28, 2017

Rubik’s Cube robot –
Lego robot

People saw how popular the Rubik’s Cube was and saw people’s desire to solve it.  We all knew that there were only a small percentage of people who were able to solve the cube extremely fast. The World records became so fast that they desired to see if they could better it in some way.

Lego robot

This inspired Scientists to invent a machine that could achieve this. They then came up with the idea of building a Robot to achieve this. A couple of Scientists spent a lot of time and hard work invented a Robot that could solve a Rubik’s Cube very fast.

Not many people are aware that such a Robot exists. I myself have never seen a Rubik’s Cube robot in real life or on television. Many of us have only seen a picture of one. It would be exciting to own one and show it off to people.

Lego robot

The Rubik’s Cube Robot that was invented and programmed very well because it succeeded by breaking the Rubik’s Cube World record. It broke the World record of the 3 x 3 Rubik’s Cube. I’ve never heard of any Robot speed solving any other cube.

Lego robot

Future Rubik’s Robot hopes

I believe that the Scientists will eventually invent a Robot, capable of teaching someone the Rubik’s Cube. This kind of Robot may not be far from being invented. It may also like be able to talk to people. There are no immediate plans to build this kind of Robot. A Robot like this would be helpful for struggling people who desire to learn how to solve the Rubik’s Cube.

It would be like a 24 hours a day Rubik’s Cube tutor. If it’s ever possible to buy one I bet it won’t be too cheap. You will enjoy reading about the Rubik’s Cube Robot and maybe even want to share the information.

Can it possibly get any better. A robot made from plastic blocks has solved the the Rubik’s cube in an astounding 3.25 seconds. This time is more than 2 seconds faster than the current human record set by the Dutchmann Mats Valkat 5.55 seconds last year.

Lego robot

Robots engineers

This lego robot has been designed by 2 engineers in England. A custom made Android app running on Samsung Galaxy S4 does the analytics and sends the controls to the unit. The two engineers behind this project David Gilday and Mike Dobson took 18 months to complete the project.

Gilday stated that it was difficult fine – tuning the communication between the smart phone and the motors.

He stated its one thing to design software that can solve the Rubik’s cube, but its quite another to perfectly time the commands for optimum speed without jamming the Rubik’s cube or breaking the machine.

The engine task will be to make it solve the Rubik’s cube even faster.There are many other Rubik’s Cube related inventions.
A smartphone acts as a brain for the robot. It uses an app that uses the camera to register the look of a scrambled cube.It then sens instructions to eight Lego mind storm E V 3 bricks, which cause the arms of the robot to move the cube.The engineers were always confident that this robot could beat the existing record.


Making the Robot

They named this robot Cube Stormer 3. Hours of work were spent perfecting the robot. The engineers had to make sure its intelligence and motor functions worked accurately. They are now wondering if the robot can go even faster.

Their previous made robot was named Cube Stormer 2.
Cube Stormer 3 solved the Rubik’s Cube faster than Cube Stormer 2. If the engineers succeed in creating a robot with a faster cube solving time, it probably won’t be much more than 0.5 seconds.

Lego robot

The Robots are so well designed that they can easily solve a Rubik’s Cube, a lot faster than any human is ever capable of doing.