Rubik’s Cube and intelligence
April 8, 2017

IQ and the Rubik’s Cube –

The Rubik’s Cube is a fascinating puzzle which has awed millions of people worldwide. I estimate that as low as one percent of people in the UK can solve the cube although this will increase due to more tutorials.
Very few people can solve the Rubik’s Cube for the first time without any guidance.

Despite the numerous Rubik’s Cube tutorials that have emerged in the last decade, studying them has led to no success for many. Because of the complexity of solving the cube many people would assume that only intelligent individuals are capable of solving it therefore some unintelligent people tend not to try to learn it.

Fast solvers of the cube are often good at Mathematics. Most speed cubers are actually fairly intelligent people.


The intelligent  Cube solver

Certain skills are required to solve the Rubik’s Cube which include pattern recognition, 3D movement visualization and a good memory.

I would consider these skills more as natural skills than acquired skills.
A speed cuber has a set of skills that include finger dexterity, multitasking, and muscle memory.

I believe these skills are innate skills that can be improved with lots of practice. Speed cubers are often mathematicians or people that study sciences or Math’s. Speed cubers are definitely academics.

Rubik’s Cube algorithms are based on mathematics. There have been many studies to determine the relationship between the Rubik’s Cube solving and IQ. Speed cubers need a good memory to produce the fast solves of the cube.

A high level of concentration is also a quality speed cubers have.
I can solve the Rubik’s Cube in 14 seconds using the Fridrich method. I found that this methods algorithms are comfortable to use furthermore I’ve also found some not so advanced methods algorithms to feel comfortable.


Rubik’s Cube in development

Solving the Rubik’s Cube develops special intelligence. Spacial intelligence is about special judgement and the ability to visualize with the minds eye. It’s like a human computational capacity that provides the ability or mental skill to solve spatial problems of navigation,visualization of objects from different angles and space, faces or scenes recognition or to notice fine details.

Spacial intelligence is a brain skill that is also found in people with visual impairment. A blind person can recognize shapes in a non – visual way. The spatial reasoning of the blind person allows them to translate tactile sensations into mental calculation of length and visual form.

Fast Cube solvers are all academics. Their trades or careers are often of an academic nature and are often related to mathematics.