Rubik’s Cube in child’s development
April 6, 2017

Rubik’s cube benefits of children

There are many benefits of the cube for children. These include

1) It helps them think out of the box. This is having the ability to think of your own things and create your own ideas. This is having the ability to adapt to new situations .

The child will have more potential to think in new ways of thinking based on new situations and changes in our environment.

2 )It keeps their negative thoughts at bay. This can happen because playing the Cube relieves stress.

Stress plays a major factor in negative thoughts. Playing the cube also keeps their minds occupied,which in itself blocks out negative thoughts.

3) It increases their capacity to think in different situations.

Their capacity to think in different situations is increased because their skills are developed by playing the Rubik’s Cube. They also develop this skill because they are trying all different solutions to solving the Cube.

Rubik’s cube benefits

Mental Development

Rubik’s cube benefits

4 ) It develops their mental skills. This happens because it helps your cognitive and problem – solving abilities. It also develops their thinking and memory.

5 ) It helps their young minds to stay focused and determined. It helps them to be more patient. It increases their IQ level and concentration.

6) It helps them to develop a sharp memory which can possibly later help them to succeed in a good career. The children will develop a strong memory from playing the cube ,because they are continually having to remember moves.

7) It improves their coordination skills. By playing the cube the child is continually using his eyes and hands, which will  naturally develop their coordination skills.

8) It improves their mental reflexes. Playing the Rubik’s Cube makes the child’s brain sharper and keeps them active. They will stay active and also playing the cube will improve their mental reflexes to problems.

Rubik’s Cube benefits

These studies show a very positive effect that playing the Rubik’s Cube has on children. It shows that there are many positive benefits playing the Rubik’s Cube has on children.From the results of this study the Rubik’s Cube can be seen to be more than just a toy. It can also be seen as a realistic and positive form of child development.