Future hopes for the Rubik’s Cube
August 12, 2018

Best Rubik’s cube tutorials

There are millions of people Worldwide that have played on a Rubik’s Cube. There Rubik’s Cube is very popular and is the biggest ever selling toy. Despite all of this it is surprising that there are extremely few Rubik’s Cube tutorial books in any street shops.

It is also surprising that extremely few street shops sell Rubik’s Cubes. In the 1980’s one could buy a Rubik’s Cube in big some stores and a few other street shops.
I also expected that many Rubik’s Cube clubs would have emerged by now. Before 2010, I had never known of or seen any place that had a club of Rubik’s Cube activities.

I would like to see more Rubik’s Cube solving books in street shops. One is able to buy a Rubik’s Cube from Argos. A lot of people aren’t aware of this. With the increasing desire of the Rubik’s Cube, there will soon be many more high street shops selling them.

Along with this, there will also be many more books written about them. There is an increasing amount of these books being sold at Amazon. I have my own Rubik’s Cube tutorial book on sale at Amazon, which was uploaded at Create space.

I also have a kindle version of this book on sale at Amazon. Getting the book to page 1 at Amazon is becoming much more competitive.
You Tube Rubik’s Cube tutorial videos are also increasing in numbers. All kinds of videos about the

Rubik’s Cube are on the increase. Soon there will be hundreds of thousands of these You Tube videos.
Rubik’s Cube websites and Rubik’s Cube blogs have increased enormously in numbers in the last decade and will increase even further. There are also a large number of web pages about the Rubik’s Cube.

Web pages of all Rubik’s Cube topics can now be found on the web. This is very helpful for loves of the Rubik’s Cube. Online Rubik’s Cube Community Groups and Rubik’s Cube Forums will obviously increase due to the desire of the Rubik’s Cube.

The love of the cube will lead to the creation of many outside clubs. The increase of all Rubik’s Cube videos and websites, blogs and web pages is beneficial to people.

It is beneficial because the more of these that exist, then the more information and quality information can be got from them. The increase of outside Rubik’s Cube clubs helps people by being able to learn from them and associate with other Rubik’s Cube enthusiasts.