Cube lubrication
February 8, 2018

Cube solving with Cube lubricant –

Cube solving with lubricant

A lubricant is a substance that is put in Rubik’s Cube puzzles to make it easier to turn. There are various lubricants that can be purchased. Your choice of lubricant will depend upon the condition of your Cube. Lubricants can be applied directly to the Cube.

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It can also be applied by dissembling the cube and then spraying it onto the plastic pieces. Lubricants mustn’t be applied to stiff Cubes, as this will stiffen it even further.

Vaseline is the best thing to use for a stiff Cube. If you leave the Vaseline in the Cube for about a week, you can then wipe it out of the Cube and then lubricate it.

A lubricant produces two kinds of friction. The first of these is static friction. The second kind is dynamic friction.

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Static friction helps the Cube to turn more easily and dynamic friction causes resistance during a turn. When silicon oil is applied to a Cube, the static friction is reduced, whilst increasing dynamic friction. You must make sure you select the correct lubricant.

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The right lubricant will depend on the condition of the Cube. If you’re a speed cuber you will obviously require a very flexible Cube.It is essential for speed cubers to lubricate their Cubes,for faster
speedcubing times in competitions.


Lubricant types

1)Silicon – Based
2)P F P E – Based
3)Petroleum – Based
4)Miscellaneous Other Lubricants
5)External links
Silicon – Based

A lot of people use silicon – based lubricants to effectively lubricate their Cubes. The Cubes will turn very smoothly, once silicon spray is applied.

This is because once silicon spray is applied, it leaves a smooth coat or lube over the Cubes plastic.

Cube lubrication

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In order to speed cube to your fullest, it is essential to have a fully lubricated cube. This will make the cube fully flexible.

1)The materials needed to lubricate your cube will of course firstly be your Rubik’s Cube. You will need a screwdriver to undo the screws that hold the cube together.

You will need some tissues to wipe the lubrication that gets on the outside of the cube and to place below the cube in order to keep the table clean. Lastly you will need a can of silicon spray.

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Dissembling the Cube

In order to lubricate your cube you must firstly take your cube apart. The more looser your cube the easier it will be to dismantle.

Sometimes your cube may be loose enough to just use your thumb to dismantle it.

If you’re unable to loosen the cube with your thumb, then use a screwdriver and gently pry off one of the edges. Once you’ve removed one edge piece you can remove the rest of the Rubik’s Cube pieces with your hands.

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All the cube pieces are coated with a thin grey residue. This residue cuts down the overall speed. Use the tissues to rub the residue off of all the pieces. Make sure you clean the residue off of all the cubes.
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Assemble the Cube

Next of all assemble the Rubik’s Cube. Firstly place in all the white edge pieces. Make sure the white edges other color matches its sides center color. Next of all place all the corner pieces with a white sticker next to the white edges.

Make sure the corners other 2 sticker colors match up with their sides center color.

For the last 3rd put the remaining pieces in but leave one empty. If you turn the layer 45 % you will find the edge pieces will go in easier. Turn the layer 45% before putting in the last edge and wedge one side under the centre piece.

Then press down and inwards towards the center of the cube. Now you have cleaned your Rubik’s Cube. This cleaned cube will now turn a lot more easily.

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Now it is time to lubricate your cube. In order to lubricate your now cleaned cube firstly take one edge piece out. Then give the inside one quick spray with silicon oil. Sometimes you may need another spray. Next place the edge piece back in.

Then turn the cubes sides to mix the oil up in the cube.

After about a minute of turning the oil in the cube will be totally mixed up and you’ll notice faster solves.

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Your Cube will also be easier to turn  by just practicing your Rubik’s Cube tutorial.

A guide of how to lubricate a Cube the best way. Today there are many Cube lubricants.My recommended one is the best.