April 8, 2017

Speed solve the cube

Fast cube solving requirements

When someone can solve the Rubik’s Cube very fast they are referred to as a speed cuber. Most people are awed at very fast solves of the Rubik’s Cube. The main reason for this is because for many solving the Cube is very difficult if not impossible.

Very few people will have the essential qualities to solve the Cube very fast. The average individual who can solve the Cube will probably solve the Cube in about 10 minutes. A good memory , good dexterity and being able to see ahead are talents required to produce fast solves of the Cube.

Speed solve

Although one may not be gifted enough to be a speed cuber , they can still improve their speed cubing times. They can achieve this by plenty of practice and by watching finger skill tutorials at You Tube.


Help and advice

There are also many sites that are helpful on this topic. Along with finger skills tutorials a lot o sites also give tutorials of finger tricks. To carry out speed cubing, a flexible Rubik’s Cube is needed.

Speed solve

It is impossible to speed cube a stiff Rubik’s Cube. In order to keep your Cube flexible, you will need to lubricate it. Silicon spray is a very common way to lubricate a Rubik’s Cube. You can find online instructions that will give you advice on how to lubricate your Cube.

If you become a speed cuber, you may decide you’d like to take part in speed cubing competitions. The World Cube Association hosts speed cubing competitions.


Speed solving competitions

If you go online to speed, you can register to take part in competitions. At this site everything will be explained that is required to enter the competitions. You will be able to contact the Delegates at the site if you need any information or help.

They are always keen to help you.

Speed solve

There are many competition events that are held at speed cubing competitions.

Speed solve

Competitions consists of numerous events and of different puzzles. The number of W C A competitions is increasing every year. More countries are getting involved in Rubik’s Cube activities.