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February 9, 2018

Blindfolded solves –


Today there are many more competitive events at Rubik’s Cube competitions. When you register for competitions you can choose what events you want to take part in. The process of registering for competition events is straight forward. These competitions are open to people Worldwide at all levels. You will see that each event is scheduled to run at a specific time. There are competition leaders that can assist you with any concerns you may have. The first ever Rubik’s Cube championship that I attended was the UK Championship in 2010. There were no blindfolded competition events during this time. There were about 50 competitors at this competition. Brendan Vallance won this event for the 3 x 3 Rubik’s Cube solves. You can register for many events at Rubik’s Cube competitions.

  Competition preparation

You need to make sure that you are comfortable competing at your chosen events. You need to give yourself every chance of success at competitions. Therefore you should make sure that you solve the cube by the best Rubik’s Cube solving method. The best cube solving methods are the ones that require the least amount of moves to solve the cube. The Fridrich method will obviously be the best solving method for the 3 x 3 Rubik’s Cube. There will also be different methods of solving other sized Rubik’s Cubes. The 4 x4 and the 5 x 5 Rubik’s Cubes will have their quickest solving methods. The quickest solving methods consist of more algorithms that need to be learnt. Most competitors solve the 3 x 3 Rubik’s Cube than any other cube at Rubik’s Cube competitions

Blindfolded solves

Many people would believe it to be impossible to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. Tyson Mao was the first person believed to have solved a Rubik’s Cube in this way. He produced this solve about 13 years ago on CNN TV. One day you may be able to solve the cube without seeing it.

You never know until you try. Before a blindfolded solve is produced, the individual must study the cube. They then become aware of the sequence of moves that are required to solve the cube in this way.

To produce blindfolded solves you will need a very good memory. A lot more moves are required to solve the cube blindfolded than for the normal solves of the cube.

So obviously the World record is a lot slower for the blindfolded solve. I have never learnt to solve the cube blindfolded, although I intend to. Today there are a lot more competitors taking part in blindfolded solves at competitions than there were a decade ago.


Popularity of Blindfolded solving

This event is increasing in popularity all the time. You can watch a lot of blindfolded solves at You Tube. You can get some useful information about these kind of solves at websites.

I have never seen or heard of any blindfolded solve produced on any cube other than the 3 x 3 Rubik’s Cube. I suppose it’s complicated enough on the 3 x 3 Rubik’s Cube, without doing blindfolded solves on more complicated ones.

A small percentage of competitors take part in blindfolded solves at competitions. I guess they find other events a lot more enjoyable. Blindfolded solves take up an enormous amount of concentration and patience.

So I suppose it’s not the most enjoyable event. Competitors spend a lot of time practicing their events and they would spend an awful lot of time practicing if they included the blindfolded event as well.

To achieve blindfolded solves of the Rubik’s cube a good memory is required. There are numerous online tutorials that help you to achieve blindfolded solves of the cube.


The Pochmann method

If you’re a beginner then I would advise you to use the Pochmann method to solve the cube blindfolded since it’s the easiest method. Certain algorithms are needed in order to produce blindfolded solves of the cube. There two main steps required to carry out blindfolded cube solves are.

1) Solve the corners

2) Solve the edges.

Some individuals have learnt to solve the cube blindfolded in less than a week.

You need a Rubik’s Cube tutorial to learn to solve the Cube before learning any blindfolded method.

The world record for a blindfolded solve was 18.50 seconds on 5-11-2016.
Stefan Pochmann invented the Pochmann method . This method of solving the cube is related to the algorithms that are used when solving by the Fridrich method.

Understanding the way the Pochmann method solves the cube may be a little bit difficult to begin with.

When you’ve mastered the Pochmann method you will find that the moves just come automatically. There are a lot of blindfolded methods of solving the cube and you will save yourself a lot of time and effort by deciding to use the Pochmann method. This solving method is the easiest method by far.


Jugglers solve Cube one – handed

There is a certain method required to solve a cube one handed. Whilst solving with one hand you are restricted from touching the cube with your body or anything else.

You are only permitted to touch the cube on the table whilst producing the one hand solve during competition.

There are tips and tricks to aid one handed solves of the cube. It is now a very popular event worldwide which has become extremely competitive. Steven Bundage is a skillful magician whose tricks are Rubik’s Cube related ,and he performed a very skillful one handed solve. These celebrities of the Rubik’s Cube are becoming more common.


Speed cubing

As fast as 10 second averages have been achieved.There are many exciting videos of one handed cube solves.

The R and U files are the files you must turn the most.

The W C A has official results of one handed solves.
Unbelievably two males managed to solve five Rubik’s Cubes whilst juggling. Both Ravi Fernando and Nick Thomas solved five Rubik’s Cubes whilst juggling the ones that weren’t being solved at the time.

You can watch this video of them carrying out this whole act combining their juggling. The pair of them had five Rubik’s Cubes and would pass three Rubik’s Cubes to each other with their free hands.

At the same time they both solved a cube one handed. Whenever they finished, they switched it out and started the next one. The solvers timed all the actions within the video.

I’m sure that a few jugglers could be inspired by this video and get a few good ideas from it. I’m sure this will get to be a very popular You Tube video.


Fewest moves

Individuals have spent 30 years seeking a fastest way to solve a cube in the least moves.

Analysts of the cube now believe that any scrambled cube can be solved in a maximum of 20 moves or fewer.

The W C A holds Rubik’s Cube competitions which require the competitor to solve the Rubik’s cube in the minimum moves. This event is titled (F M C) which mean fewest Fewest Move Count.

Certain techniques are used to solve the cube in the minimum moves.

The 3 x 3 cube is most commonly used in the (F M C).

Tips to help your minimum solve can be found.

There are tutorials that help you to solve the cube in the minimum moves.

Competitions now cover a range of activities. Some of these activities are ways of solving the Cube, which would at one time have seemed impossible.