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Clover Octahedron – Black Body

If the Rubik’s Cube is an infinite,ever-expanding universe of brain-stimulating challenges, is the spacecraft that will help you explore that universe.

This is a compendium of knowledge to sharpen your cube-solving skills and master the techniques that will improve your performance times and put you in the rare company of the most impressive Rubik’s Cube phenoms ever to grab hold of this cuboid conundrum.

Oh,by the way,congratulations!
You’ve achieved a world record -the single greatest distance a Rubik’s Cube has ever been thrown in white – hot frustration;except that this is not a legitimate accolade and it won’t be observed by the Guinness Book of World Records.

You’re fascinated and yet confounded by this puzzle.Well by joining our community of cubers,,you’ll learn the secrets to dominating this quirky puzzle with flair and white knuckle speed that would impress even the most seasoned Rubik’s pros.

Can you imagine that there are 10 times more Rubik’s Cubes sold today,as compared with the 1980s when it first rose to prominence? The community of cubers continues to grow.

Through our blogs,tutorials,videos and other resources,you can become a Jedi of the cube – solve this puzzle in fewer moves,you will.With the expertise and know – how on,you can learn shortcuts to quicken your times,making a dizzying blur of your fingers as the cube bends to your will and sharpened intellect.

Whatever your age or skill level, is the place where anyone can learn to outwit the cube with finesse.That’s the one thing about the Rubik’s Cube,the more you learn the various ways to beat it,the more rewarding it becomes. is the ideal hub of learning,fun and challenge for anyone who’s ever stared into the seemingly infinite universe of solutions for this riveting puzzle.

All Cubers…. it’s time to come home.


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Inventions of Rubik’s puzzles –

Cube tutorials


The Rubik’s cube was invented in 1974 in Hungary by Erno Rubik. It was extremely popular in the early 1980′s and then the craze died down for years. In then reemerged about 8 years ago. There are 10 times at least Rubik’s cubes sold today than there were in the world in the 1980′s.

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It is amazing to see how much faster the Rubik’s cube world record of completing the cube is today compared to 1982. In 1982 it stood at 22 seconds, today it stands at a fantastic 5.55 seconds. The reason for this improved time are firstly turns of the cube are carried out by finger pushes are much quicker moves.

Secondly it is solved in much lesser moves.

Cube tutorials
Thirdly there are millions of more people worldwide who can solve the Rubik’s cube. One fifth of the world’s population has played the Rubik’s cube. There have been more than 300 million Rubik’s cube sold worldwide. Over the years the Rubik’s cube has featured in hundreds of magazines, books and movies. There are lots of web pages and blogs that are occupied with content relating to the Rubik’s cube.

The Rubik’s cube was once called the magic cube and is loved by all ages and cultures. It has had an impact on millions of people in a positive way.

Cube tutorials

One of my most memorable moments is when Thabiut Jacquinot became the first person to solve the Rubik’s Cube under 10 seconds at a speed cubing competition in 2007 called the Spanish Open 2007.


You can see the images of the sides represent a gear like look. This is the name given to this puzzle.The Gear Cube. Obviously this puzzle wouldn’t be used when studying a Rubik’s Cube tutorial.
Oskar van Deventer was the inventor of the Gear Cube. He is a Dutch puzzle maker. This Cube was initially produced by Shape ways in 2009 and was then called the Caution Cube. This was probably then named so because of the high risk of getting your fingers caught between the gears.

The above images are a set of various Rubik’s puzzles. Included in this package is a normal sized and miniature sized Rubik’s Cubes.You also have a very small 2 x 2 Rubik’s Cube.There is a jigsaw puzzle of possibly Rubik’s Cube pieces. Other Rubik’s twisty puzzles along with Rubik’s lookalike small objects can be seen.

Above you can see the Running Rubik’s Cube. The event is a scene from the 2011 London Marathon. The Rubik’s Cube has an open top and one open cube part on the left and right hand sides. This was obviously necessary for the Marathon runner to put his head and arms through these openings.

The above image is of the Rubik’s Touch Cube. You can notice it’s beautiful illuminating colours. It was presented at the American International Toy Fair in February 2009 and was available to the public in the fall of 2009. If you know someone who loves gifts, then this would be it.

This is a scene of a giant Rubik’s Cube located at the Orlando Disney World Orlando’s Pop Century Resort. The Rubik’s Cube is slightly tilted on a short metallic gold coloured stand.


Here above is a Novelty Key chain Rubik’s Cube of an Olympus Digital Camera. The Rubik’s Cube contains picture of face patterns on each side.

This image is a Lubok – y- Adopta – Adapta.

You can notice the Rubik’s lookalike colour and pattern at the front of the desk looking object.

Concentration Color Cube

View the deep and penetrative colours of this Concentration Colour Cube. It has the look of a Rubik’s Cube floating in space , with a touch of sunshine on either side.

The larege cube image is of an eight by eight Rubik’s Cube.The layers are not all of equal sizes.This puzzle was invented after the invention of the Rubik’s Cube and the  colour’s of this large Cube are that of the normal color’s of the Rubik’s Cube.

This is an image of the Combination Puzzle Magic Sphere. It has also been known as the Rubik’s Ball and was around in 1982. The method of solving this puzzle is the same for the Rubik’s Cube. What lovely gifts for Christmas these puzzles would be.

Cube tutorials

Timers are regularly used in speed cubing competitions. They include a built in scrample generator.

You will need a good Rubik’s Cube tutorial before you can solve the cube fast.

The stop watch analizes training statistics and calculates the average speed. It reveals your fastest time, worst time, average time, median time and also calculates your average of 5 solves and your best 3 of 5 solves. Further more it calculates your average of 12 solves and your best 10 of 12 solves.

Timers can be downloaded. Many cube timers can also be purchased vat Amazon.

Some of these Timers include Date xx Cube Timer, The Miracle Cube Timer ,5, 15,30 and 60 minute, Miracle Cube Timer, Fit Time Cube Combo 10,20,30 and The Miracle Cube Timer,1, 3, 5 and 17 minutes.

Another one o these Timers is called The Miracle Cube Timer ,5 piece set.

You may like to also look at other other  Rubik’s Cube patterns of different shapes and colours.

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